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Pirate Ship at Night 2 (24 x 30 inches).jpg


Tikis in Blue 4, 2014 (20 x 24 inches)


Tree in the Snow at Night, 2014.jpg


Portrait of Willem Dafoe, 2021 9 x 12 Inches.jpg


It's about shading, or simply, shadow and light. It's about land and seascapes both real and imagined. It's about the way light falls across the human face and coalesces with an expression. Through oil and canvas, through paper, pencil and ink, I have plunged into oceans, landscapes and faces. The images are the result of observation, mediation and study, as well as figments of my imagination. 


From spring through fall, I am on and in the water several days a week, when the Bay is windy and bumpy, when the water is at its most dynamic. I have seen a million million million waves slosh and break and stand and fade away and line up endlessly, and relentlessly, to the horizon. I have seen waves exhibit personality, and behave like herds of animals. From fall through spring, I'm walking in the hills of Marin, or along the Bay, or traveling to some corner of some cost. I have seen the layers of ancient trees seem to vibrate with motion, as if I can perceive them growing before my eyes. I have seen silent mountains look as if they're about to crash, like a wave, onto the still valleys below them.  

My artwork is an expression of my lifestyle. It is an attempt to bring the viewer into a moment. Sometimes I want the viewer to feel dwarfed by the ocean, lonely in its grasps, and both fearful and excited for what's behind that next wave. Sometimes I want viewers to feel like characters in a far-flung adventure. Sometimes I want the viewer to feel the sublime stillness of a tree in the snow at night. Sometimes I want the viewer to be lost in the eyes of a vaguely familiar visage.

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